Mo Gravy Records is here to bring you some of that soulful goodness with a touch of sophistication and class. An innovative music label bringing that golden sound back to music and creating unique collaborations with the art world. We cater to both music and art collectors alike and bring a fresh new vibe to the music industry.

Upcoming Mo Gravy Releases:

September 24th, 2021 – K Riz – Peace & Love (Digital + NFT)

Nov 03rd, 2021 – Sargeant X Comrade – Elephant in the Room (Digital + LE Vinyl + NFT)

TBA, 2022 – Mo Gravy Sampler (Digital + Limited Edition 10/10 Vinyl)

TBA, 2022 – Flytrap LP (Digital + LE Vinyl + NFT)

TBA, 2022 – Dirty Sample – Butter Breath (Digital + LE Vinyl + NFT)

TBA 2022 – Mo Gravy Instrumentals. (Digital + NFT)