Mo Gravy Records Presents: Lo-Fi Future – get your tickets here

Mo Gravy Records Presents:

Lo-Fi Future – Art. Music. Culture

Event Runs: August 27th-29th, 2021  12pm-12am

Art by: Evgeniy


Lo Fi Future is a unique 3 day music, art & culture event happening at the nvrlnd. arts foundation located at 1048 21 Ave SE, Calgary, AB. It is paired up alongside Mo Gravy Records celebrating the launch of their brand new record label. The exhibit features 15 (50cm) hologram art pieces that correspond to a specific upcoming release from the label. Collectors can buy pieces and invest directly into the record label through futuristic looking art and NFTs. Learn More

Art Show – Full Description:

This is a very unique and original art show that features artistic video loops re-imagined in hologram form. The exhibition space will not feature the traditional canvas and oil paints that art collectors are accustomed to, but instead 15 unique hologram-like pieces will be hung on display, available for purchase.

“A room full of holograms, each one catching the eye and drawing the viewer in. You can stand and stare for hours.” – Evgeniy

The video looped holograms create an effect similar to staring into a fire. They move around and they slowly spin and fall down, all of which is slightly entrancing and also quite interesting to look at. The pieces feature video art, animations as well as 3D art. Instead of physical art becoming digital, this is the other way around. It is digital art re-created into physical form.

Each hologram comes with its own NFT package. At the time of purchase the art collector receives the physical hologram as well as the corresponding digital NFT. It is a 2-in-1 deal with both the physical and the digital formats included. This exhibit is coupled with the launch of the brand new record label Mo Gravy Records. As such, the proceeds from the exhibit are going into the label to fund upcoming releases and the buyer is also investing into a piece of music that the particular hologram is linked with. Every piece corresponds to a specific release and directly funds that project. Mo Gravy also included some limited edition swag in with each of the NFT packages that are up for sale during the 3 day event.

“This is an opportunity for art collectors to invest their money into art and at the same time they are also directly investing into the music. The success of those albums and the record label as a whole will drive up the value of the art piece as well as the NFT. It could be a genius idea. I don’t know yet. It’s never been done quite like this before. We will have to see what happens.” – Evgeniy

This concept was conceived by the mixed media artist and part-owner of Mo Gravy Records: Evgeniy. His aim is to create a unique record label and a sought-after brand that combines music and art and embraces the emerging crypto market in order to create a better way for Mo Gravy artists to make money from their music.

The sales volume for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) hit $2.5 billion in the first six months of this year, Fox News reported, citing data from the NFT marketplace OpenSea and other marketplace data. Many musicians have been jumping on the NFT/crypto train as well, which is emerging to be a beam of hope after years of artists enduring minimal payouts from streaming services. The efforts of those that took the opportunity to jump on the NFT bandwagon early have already proved to be successful. Artists such as Deadmau5, Tory Lanez and 3lau have earned millions of dollars directly from their fans through NFTs.

This is more than just an art show. This is also an exciting opportunity to invest into Evgeniy’s vision and Mo Gravy Records as well as all of the artists on that label. Imagine if you bought an NFT from an artist like Jimi Hendrix before he became the icon that he is now and how much that NFT would be worth today. The NFT/crypto market is very young and still offers a lot of very lucrative opportunities to strike it big with your investment.

Don’t miss your chance to see this one of a kind art exhibit and music event happening August 27th through to the 29th at the nvrlnd. arts foundation located at 1048 21 Ave SE Come see some art, enjoy some live music, DJs, food, drinks and good vibes. Tickets are $10 for 1 day or $20 for all 3 days. You can purchase tickets directly through the Mo Gravy Website:  

Written By: Tom Phillips