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Sargeant X Comrade release a new highly anticipated concept album titled “Lo Fi Future”


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An exploration of outer-planetary vibrations through psychedelic funk, soul and hip hop. The science is incredible! The team came together to do some real work. They bring you the sound of the future using retro synthesizers and analog technology. Recorded at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta, the future funk duo explored a new realm of sonic possibilities through the studio’s extensive instrument and technology collection to craft the outer-space concept album.
1. Lo Fi Future
2. Straight To The Moon (Mo Gravy Mix) (feat. FLYTRAP)
3. Travelin In Space
4. When The Stars Align (feat. K-Riz)
5. Escape The Matrix (Pt. 1) (feat. Prevail)
6. Pyramid Code (feat. Odario)
7. Incredible Science
8. Future Sound
9. Love Someone
10. Watchu On
11. Escape The Matrix (Pt. 2) (feat. Prevail)
12. Wake Up